Our Executive Team

“To deliver the finest training, exceptional support, and give traders their best results” (James Edward, Founder)

James Edward, founder & CEO

A ten year veteran of the Royal Marines and later a bodyguard to the rich & famous, James came to the forex market with discipline, determination, and a desire to attain the wealth he’d seen his clients enjoying. Since his first introduction to trading in 2003, James has amassed tens of thousands of hours immersed in live markets, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the requisite skills for forex trading success. Trading live markets since 2006, James has established a reputation as a renowned and respected expert in this field.

Seeing the disparity between what is advertised to new traders and what is usually achieved by them, James stepped out with a mission to build a hub for currency traders to help them regain control of their own forex accounts through accurate education that delivers trading breakthroughs in record time, with less struggle and more reward.

Always a contrarian, James attributes his success to taking the road less travelled. “If you want to be in the top 1%, you have to do what only 1% of people do – avoid the crowd at all costs”. Bucking the trend once again, James established Complete Currency Trader in 2012 as the realisation of his dream to provide elite training to an exclusive group of highly motivated traders.

James’s affable personality, expert knowledge, notoriety for getting results, and steadfast dedication to his clients, has secured his position as one of the most trustworthy, liked, and in demand authorities in the industry.

"It has been so refreshing to find someone as honest and up front as you are. This is the first time I've felt I'm dealing with someone in forex that I can trust and I want you to know that it really means a lot to me. Thank you."
"Outstanding course, outstanding training, outstanding quality. You're a man of true integrity who really delivers on his promises. Thank you."

Joseph Gilmore

Joe excels as a market analyst and systems programmer and has traded forex since 2008. Working in collaberation with James Edward for many years, he quickly displayed a unique talent as a trader and enjoyed rapid success with currency strength analysis strategies on short and long time frames.

A keen statistician, market analyst, and system developer, Joe is responsible for creating a number of mechanical and semi-automated training aids designed to compliment the main Complete Currency Trader training process.

After attaining impressive results for himself, and showing a natural ability to help others, Joe was invited to join Complete Currency Trader as one of the executive team, and now works one-to-one with other students of our course, helping them succeed on the same journey he took.


Brian Stickney

Brian has been a currency trader of spot Forex since 2008.

Having come from the corporate world where he was operations manager for a Fortune 50 medical company, Brian understood the importance of systems, organization, and discipline, and he carried this over to his new career in trading.

In 2012, Brian was introduced to James Edward and began studying the Complete Currency Trader strategy under his guidance; initially just to add another tool to his trading arsenal. Because of his deep understanding of the system, combined with the unique personal qualities he brings to the table, James personally invited him to join the Complete Currency Trader team as a trading instructor and he now heads up our live training rooms, provides group coaching, and works individually with members to help them achieve their trading goals.


Dave Arena

Dave Arena has a diverse background consulting for companies of all sizes from startups to multi-million dollar corporations and brings over 20 years of experience in executive management, operations and marketing to Complete Currency Trader.

Although Dave has advised for and built companies in various verticals, he has a rich background in the financial services industry. Starting with Morgan Stanley and working with TD Waterhouse, he eventually founded his own firm which was sold in 2010. Dave has been involved in the Forex market specifically since 2003 and part of the CCT executive team since 2015.