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With an unprecedented notoriety for excellence, Complete Currency Trader has established a legacy of unrivalled satisfaction among the forex community. See what our members and students are saying, and be inspired to join them.

An extremely well structured course that leads the student in a logical progression into the Forex world. All units of the program are well explained for the layman and not overly heavy or taxing to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the course and still go back to reread certain sections. As James says, this course is similar to learning to drive a car, at first there is nervousness & apprehension that soon leads to confidence and acting as if a second nature. James Edwards knows what’s going on, we aren’t speculating on whether or not a market is going to move, he’s teaching us to read what the market is implying and putting the power of the market on ones side. James has always fulfilled what he says he’ll do and I could not find a more reasonable person to deal with, certainly not full of himself like so many of the supposed “gurus” out there. If you are prepared to put the time in and follow the steps you will learn how to trade.

Justin, from USA


The CCT course is the best material I have found out there, to the point that I have stopped looking. It combines a (for me) unique strategy with everything else you need to know about trading. The course is extremely comprehensive, well structured and learning happens in stages which instills confidence in the aspiring trader. I believe that anybody who sets his/her mind to it can learn to trade with CCT. James knowledge about trading is second to none while his character is that of a focused professional. I am glad that I have met James and his system as he is truly a source of inspiration.

Rico, from Thailand


You have literally turned my trading around. Nothing compares to what your course has done for me in such a short space of time. Amazing. You’ve been such an inspriational mentor from day one and the training you send me each week is like heaven sent. I actually look forward to getting your emails as I can’t wait to see what revalation you have for me next. Thank you so much. I would gladly recommend your site, your training, and most especially you to anyone who’s serious about learning to trade like professionals do. I’m glad I found you at the start of my trading career so I don’t waste time and money on the junk that most other people seem to fall in to.

Christy, from Australia


I have devoured the materials like a ravenous wolf and am just beginning to watch the videos. Although I have demo-traded for 8 1/2 months, some 10-14 hours per trading day, after reading your materials, I have come to realize that I know very, very little about how the Forex market REALLY works, what forces cause the currencies to move up or down and how to be a successful trader. I’m now convinced that I was on my way to becoming just another sad statistic in Forex, a true futile trader, a loser! Sad to say, but true! Your materials have given me new hope. While I don’t possess $25,000, knowing what I now know from your materials, I would gladly pay that sum and even more to get hold of the information you have communicated to me in your course. I can plainly see that your materials put financial freedom within my reach during the next 12-24 months! Icannot thank you enough, my Friend and Mentor!

Glenn, from USA


Complete Currency Trader has gone from strength to strength – in a relentless pursuit of both quality and results. In a profession where profit over loss is the only thing that counts, Complete Currency Trader has redefined the field of forex education and continues to forge the most acclaimed reputation in the industry today.


CCT is by far the most comprehensive forex course I’ve ever come across and has had the biggest impact on my understanding of the market and my ability to profit from it – the training is excellent. James regularly goes the extra mile and delivers way more than he promises to. James has a way of sharing his knowledge of the market in a way that is easy to understand and gives tremendous insight to how the markets really work. He is incredibly helpful and completely trustworthy and I have no hesitation in commending both him and his CCT Course.

Chris, from UK

This course is WELL worth the investment. It is like no other program or book that’s currently available. You have completely opened my eyes on the true nature of how the forex market actually works. James, I am absolutely grateful that you took the time and effort to make this program available. If anyone reading this has been burned by purchasing the latest “Holy Grail” and are a little reluctant (as I was), all I can say is that this is truly the real deal. You won’t find a recipe guide of the old rehashed crap that you’ve seen a million times. And James seems to be a truly sincere guy.

Peter, from Canada

I have been trading since 1994, with steady though inconsistent success. I have traded stocks, stock options, futures, futures options, ETFs and forex. About nine years ago, as I pondered yet another losing period, I realized I could go no further without understanding market mechanics and the interplay between supply and demand, buying and selling. Drawing on my experience and knowledge, I came up with the only plausible explanation for why bull and bear trends happen…and never met anyone, not one single trading expert or so-called “guru” who understood what I knew to be true. That is, until this year, when I had a chance to attend one of James’ webinars, and listened to him explain the way the market works in precisely the way I had figured out years ago. James’ course is built upon that foundation, and for that reason it is the most accurate, relevant and complete course on trading that I have seen. Though his focus is the forex market, the principles he expounds upon are relevant to the stock, ETF and futures markets as well. This is the finest trading course out there, and will provide you with the insight and knowledge you need to trade profitably. Of course, none of the above would matter if the man who stands behind the course was not honorable and decent. Though I have not yet had the privilege of meeting James personally, as we live “across the pond” from each other, I know through my telephone and email dealings with him that he is a person of the highest integrity. Meeting James, and becoming his student, has been a watershed moment in my trading career.

Neil, from USA

The CCT course is definitely comprehensive, very well structured and relevant. James honestly and logically set up this course also by being knowledgeable, trustworthy, and helpful.

Corneliu, from Canada

This course completely change the way I think about forex. I have learn more from CCT course then I did in 3 years from other so called professionals that claim they trade forex full time for living. I was on the verge of giving up, and because I love trading, doing it only as a hobby. I thought I was not smart enough or suitable for this kind of work. Than I came across a webinar that James was hosting where he explained that technical analysis in forex does not work. It all started to make sense and got exited about forex again. When I join the course I have learn thinks that no one ever mentioned in any other course than I study before. In this course is a lot of info about forex market, how it’s all connected and how it all works. The software alone, that James developed, it is worth the money. There is no more looking at the charts and trying to predict where the price will react, waiting if it will brake out or bounce back. The software displays everything that is happening in the market on a dashboard so you see what’s happening now so you can react. No more waiting, guessing, no stress. I love this way of trading, this course and this software. If you join this course, you will not be disappointed. James is surprisingly friendly and personal. I am learning a lot from him and if you join the course and start dealing with James you will see how different he is from everyone else. He is obviously very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time putting this course together. I would like to thank him for sharing his knowledge and the time he spends helping traders. Thank You James

Robert, from USA

I was very lucky to hit upon the CCT course as my first training in forex. I can’t imagine getting both a thorough education in the real structure and mechanics of the forex market as well as a fully detailed trading system along with the software needed to trade it anywhere else. James has been the perfect teacher.

Tom, from USA

When I first looked at the course I wondered about some of the subjects included, but now I understand just how relevant this basic groundwork is and how valuable and thorough that information has been. From there the clarity and detail has been amazing. The course makes a complex subject quite easy to follow with excellent written material and backed up,where appropriate, with video support.I believe this course will give me the edge I am looking for to turn me into a profitable trader. I get the distinct impression that James cares about my success.

Bruce, from Australia

The CCT is the most comprehensive course and strategy in one what I have ever seen. I have been dealing with Forex since 3 years and thought I know everything about it, but this course showed me the huge lack of my knowledge. It is amazing for me how helpful he is, and I always feel, my success is as important for him as for me.

János, from Austria

CCT opened my eyes to an entirely new way of trading that made sense and was easy to apply. The course was well-structured and the support was excellent. If you’re willing to persevere, give the system a fair crack, and work on yourself as a trader, you will see positive results.

Jake, from UK

Very well structured and presented course . Absolutely the best course available.

Sholto, from Australia

In my considered opinion its the most well thought out and structured course that I have seen advertised over the last five years. Whilst my sudden retirement and the birth of my first grand child have impacted on the time that I have had available to study the course, the course content, and the fundamental reasoning behind James concept of trading is second to none.

Nic, from UK

The course material is superb! Having read a lot of texts from many authors who claim to be “experts”, having sat through courses with active traders who boast of significant success, and having been watching charts and trying “strategies” to achieve wins based on currency pairs but with very limited success, I find your materials to be like pure oxygen to an asphixiating asthmatic. The clarity of thought, logical (common sense) analysis, well-crafted explanations and examples, and thorough treatment is astonishing! How I wish I had known all this earlier … and how, I wonder, do the “experts” I have met survive, and more importantly, how much do they really understand? My deepest gratitude to you James, for this extraordinary knowledge you are sharing. Thank you!!

Jonathan, from Australia

This truly is outstanding stuff. Whatever happens to me or my account in the future, I know with almost certainty, that i won’t ever get closer than this to a full proof system. I have already systematically started severing all my old ties from forex emails of the past. I have learned quite a lot from many of them, but they fade into insignificance compared to this. I am so glad i’m on board with this one. The sad reminder is i’ve lost three years of my life wasting my time.

Dave, from UK

This course should be compulsory reading for every amateur trader. The success and failure rate ratio would turn on its head if people learned the things you teach. This is a key to success.

Gerard, from USA

Perfect! I’ve been looking for exactly this since I first started trying to trade. I’ve always believed the only way to learn was from a professional who does it for a living, and you are definitely that. I learned more from the first chapter of your course than I did in 12 months scouring forums.

Charles, from USA

Simple, clear, concise. No pointless filler or waffle. Everything backed up by facts and proof. Logical explanations and examples. Precise rules and steps to follow. A system that proves itself from the first time it’s traded. What more could anyone want? This is easily worth ten times the price and I pity anyone who doesn’t jump at this.

Benjamin, from USA

There’s nothing I can think of that’s missing from this course. You’ve covered every base and given everything a trader could possibly need. I’m so grateful I stumbled on this offer.

Valerie, from New Zealand

I’m not easily impressed, especially when it comes to forex educators, but I’ve been amazed since I logged in to your course. I can’t believe how much real education you’ve crammed in. I’ve never seen anything so informative, sensible, mature, and most of all factual in all the years I’ve been involved in forex. This is a real gem. The software you provide on its own could make even the worst trader become profitable. I hope the newer traders appreciate just how lucky they are with what you’ve done here.

Eric, from USA

The best decision I ever made. You’ve delivered so much more than I was expecting.

Hugh, from USA

I would recommend your course to everyone without hesitation.

Felix, from Germany

I’ve been trading for 2 years and just had my best month ever thanks to your system. I’ve never seen anything so effective being discussed anywhere else.

Mark, from UK

I’m completely blown away by the complete currency trader pack. I’ve never seen so much worthwhile information in one place.

Srinival, from USA

What a fantastic course and system. It really has exceeded my expectations by a long margin and I have to say I am very impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a system that works as well as yours or a course that trains people to such a high standard. Congratulations on a job well done.

Michael, from UK

Without doubt the best forex course on the internet. It’s got everything a trader needs to succeed and then some. Outstanding.

Nicholas, from USA

As far as I’m concerned this is the holy grail we all look for.

Thomas, from Holland

The results I’m getting from my trading now are great. I never thought I’d find someone willing to teach me the way you have, so once again thank you.

Marcus, from UK

This is definitely the most information packed course I’ve ever seen for forex and it’s obvious you’re a real trader who knows what you’re talking about. It’s taught me so much that I didn’t know and opened my eyes to so much. I really feel like you’ve got the best course available anywhere online that I’ve ever seen.

Alvin, from USA

Every page of your course lit a light bulb in my head and I’ve realized what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. Now I know that I’ve got a real advantage over other traders because I actually understand the market. I can’t tell you how good that feels to have no confusion or fear.

Oliver, from USA

When I opened up that software and read your system rules I can’t tell you how I felt. It was instant realization that from now on trading was going to be easy for me. I still can’t believe you’re letting other people use this.

Ethan, from USA

It has been so refreshing to find someone as honest and up front as you are. This is the first time I’ve felt I’m dealing with someone in forex that I can trust and I want you to know that it really means a lot to me. Thank you.

Bradley, from USA

Outstanding course, outstanding training, outstanding quality. You’re a man of true integrity who really delivers on his promises. Thank you.

Anthony, from USA

You’ve exceeded my expectations by a long margin. Never have I seen such a wealth of trading education under one roof, presented in such a friendly and informative manner. You’ve gone above and beyond, and for that I thank you.

Wilfred, from USA