Become an Elite Trader and Grab Forex Profits at Will

With the Forex Inception course & system, you will get 10 state of the art, first of its kind interactive video lessons with me, James Edward right on screen teaching you.

That’s over 7 hours of instruction where I pass along the winning formula that I’ve used for over 10 years managing a fund here in London and that was passed on to me by billionaire hedge fund managers and top international bank traders.

This will give you a complete professional system from A to Z that is proven to be profitable over decades without needing any major changes.

What’s different about this is I will teach you how to be a consistently profitable trader for life. I’ll show you how to take a winning system and adapt it to your specific personality and risk appetite so that you can succeed (without going through years more of struggle and blowing out account after account). That’s the power of top tier training.

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*This course is delivered digitally (not a physical product) so you can get started immediately right on your computer.


Lesson 1

Unveils the full truth about the Forex market in much greater depth than you’ve ever been taught before. You’ll understand what the big players are doing and how the market truly works when you remove all of the noise and see what’s truly going on “Under the Hood”. You’ll instantly see the full potential and staggering opportunities in the market after finishing lesson 1.

Lesson 2

Shows you how prices really move in Forex. It reveals a mathematically indisputable fact that proves prices are more likely to move in one direction rather than the other – with the proper analysis. Imagine the thrill of knowing with certainty that you have a high probability chance of being right more times than you’re wrong.

Lesson 3

We focus on exits. Money is made or lost when you close out your positions, not when you get into them. That’s why it’s so critical that you learn the profit and loss controls on every single trade we detail here.

Lesson 4

Leverages the underused resource of professional money management so you can avoid painful losses that crush so many trader’s accounts (and psyches). You’ll be able to implement basic rules that stick with you under the most trying days. This is the lesson that carves veterans out of newbies.

Lesson 5

You’re given a complete tutorial on using the currency strength analysis tool. I show you not only how it works, but also what it looks at, and how it makes its calculation so you can have a total understanding and unshakeable confidence in the trades you make. By understanding the tool, you’ll also understand currency strength analysis itself at a fundamental level few others ever truly understand.

Lesson 6

You’re going to learn the skills for market analysis and trade entry. We cut right to the chase, so you’re going to learn exactly what to look for, and know which conditions are ripe for trade entries that win big and win often.

Lesson 7

I walk you through a slew of actual examples to train you for the real world. Entry after entry, close after close, to the point that the pattern becomes deeply ingrained in your mind. After lesson 7, you’ll have an autopilot reaction to profitable trade entry patterns, allowing you to instinctively pull the trigger when opportunity is knocking.

Lesson 8

We integrate the money management and stop order principles into the system, teaching you exactly how much money to risk per trade and nailing down where the stop order should be placed at all times.

Lesson 9

You’ll learn the powerful risk reducing power of the trailing stop, allowing you to further reduce risk and simultaneously increase the relative number of wins you lock in. Trailing stops are part of every professional trader’s tool belt – but only when you use them correctly.

Lesson 10

Fills in all the details of the system under all types of market conditions, jarring news events, and so on. We also fill in more details such as what to do with pending orders that don’t fill quickly, the best market session(s) to trade in, and so much more. I’ve been training aspiring traders since 2012, so I’ve pretty much answered every question you can imagine in this final lesson.

To make the system even more powerful, we include these FREE tools…

Currency Strength Indicator


Just like the free version, but more powerful because you integrate this directly into your MT4 trading software. Simply download it, install it into your platform, and you’ll instantly have an overlay showing you the strongest and weakest currencies right on your charts!

Entry Indicator


Install the entry indicator on your charts to visually see where to enter new trades and where to set the initial stop loss.

Trailing Stop Loss EA


Our trailing stop loss EA automatically manages each trade so that you can minimize losses and maximize your profits.

FI Quick Start Guide


A 57 page ebook that gives you all the important lessons in easy to reference format..

Trade Analysis Video


You will get hours of video instruction narrated by me and CCT traders showing you real market trade examples that will shorten the learning curve so you can make profitable trading decisions in a snap.

Advanced Training


Once you have completed the 10 lessons, you will get another 90 minute training with me personally showing you advanced techniques and how you can become a hedge fund manager yourself where the really big money is made!

I don’t even know how to value these bonuses as they are invaluable to not only my trading but also to our students. Any one of these bonuses are worth more than the cost of the entire course!

Pricing & Money Back Guarantee:

The Last Forex Education You’ll Ever Need (Guaranteed) Or Your Money Back!

We’re exclusive for a reason. We’ve helped so many of our students become professional traders and even hedge fund managers (where the big money is).

This course including the bonuses is worth well over $499. Today, it’s only $99.99.

Why? To be honest, many of our students start here and then continue their trader education with us through our advanced courses and 1 on 1 mentoring programs. That’s what we want for you.

Let us prove our worth with a small, but life changing investment.

And we even take that risk away….

If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, we refund your money with no questions asked. We are not for everyone and we only deal with students who are serious about becoming a profitable trader for life.

And you can keep the bonuses even if you get your money back. I can be confident in offering this type of guarantee because we have a .01% refund rate. The last thing on the minds of our students once we turn their trading around is getting their money back.

But just in case you are the 1 in 10,000 students who ask for a refund for whatever reason, you will immediately get your money back and you can keep the bonuses.

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“Every page of your course lit a light bulb in my head and I’ve realized what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. Now I know that I’ve got a real advantage over other traders because I actually understand the market. I can’t tell you how good that feels to have no confusion or fear.”

-Oliver, from USA

“It has been so refreshing to find someone as honest and up front as you are. This is the first time I’ve felt I’m dealing with someone in Forex that I can trust and I want you to know that it really means a lot to me. Thank you.”

-Bradley, from USA

“What a fantastic course and system. It really has exceeded my expectations by a long margin and I have to say I am very impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a system that works as well as yours or a course that trains people to such a high standard. Congratulations on a job well done.”

-Michael, from UK

“I’ve been trading for 2 years and just had my best month ever thanks to your system. I’ve never seen anything so effective being discussed anywhere else.”

-Mark, from UK

“I only wish I had been introduced to your site and your Introduction Course much eariler. I have understood more from this course and gained much more hope than in any other course and site in the last three years. It is the best purchase I have ever made! Bless you, thank you and keep up the wonderful work.”

-Chris Van Der Merwe

“Perfect! I’ve been looking for exactly this since I first started trying to trade. I’ve always believed the only way to learn was from a professional who does it for a living, and you are definitely that. I learned more from the first chapter of your course than I did in 12 months scouring forums.”

-Charles, from UK