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Trading Cybernetics

The Psychology of Trading


Learn the secrets behind the mental discipline & emotional control displayed by the worlds best & most profitable traders.


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Cybernetics Course

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High Performance Trading

Cybernetics is a blueprint to high performance trading, and will teach you the decision-making processes to help you flawlessly execute your trade plan. You will quickly discover how to execute trades without hesitation or fear. How to let winners run and cut losses short, without any internal conflict or frustration. And how to filter out distractions that interfere with your trading edge. It's a masterclass like no other.


Learn to think like a professinal trader by objectively evaluating the probabilities in every market situation. Clear, rational thinking is the key to making better decisions.


Develop the confidence to know you will stick to your system rules consistently without giving in to emotions, or impulsive urges that have sabotaged you in the past.


Understand how to approach trading with ruthless detachment and 100% focus on the decision-making processes that harness the full capacity of your brain.

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Letting Winners Run

Discover why it is so difficlt to let winners run, and why traders instinctively want to take profit early, even when your system has set profit targets. You'll quickly understand how your brain is working against your trade plan, and what you can do to fix this problem.

Cutting Losses Quickly

Uncover the reasons why it is so tempting to move a stop loss and "give the trade a bit more room to breathe". Not cutting losses quickly is one of the main reasons traders blow their accounts, and this lesson will explain why we make this mistake and what you can do to overcome it.

Over & Under Trading

If you've ever hesitated to enter a trade, or you jump in too early because of fear of missing out, this lesson will reveal the factors behind those major trading errors, and show you what you need to do to get them in check.

Distrusting Trading Systems

Most traders jump from one system after another simply because they don't trust what they have, and it's easy to blame the system for losses. In this lesson you will learn how to stick to a winning strategy, even during periods of draw-down.

Decision Systems

Learn how professional traders make the right decisions that are in their best long-term interest, and also how bad traders fall victim to automated instinctive decisions that are maladaptive to the trading environment.

Defence & Intuition

Understand how instinctive defence mechanisms like "fight or flight" can sabotage poorly equipped traders, and how professionals learn to develop and rely on their intuition and gut feelings for better trading decisions.

Development of Decision Making

Making good decisions is a skill that can be developed and improved, and in this class you will learn how to train your brain to make more profitable decisions that are most suitable to the current market conditions.

Tools & Strategies

The final class is the big one that puts all the theory in to practice. You will learn a structured formula for becoming a high performing trader with the right mind-set and discipline to succeed at the top of your game.

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Trading Cybernetics

The Psychology of Trading


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