The definitive program to Forex mastery - education, tools, systems, psychology & support


Market Knowledge

Understand how market makers & bank dealing desks operate to influence price movements, and learn the patterns that help you trade following their footsteps.


System Design

Learn the critical elements for creating profits with any system, from scalping, swing trading, and trend following longer term, and maximise your returns.


Advanced Analysis

Use the CCT advanced market analysis suite of tools to identify precisoin entry and exits points on the highest probablity pairs in every market condition.


Risk Management

Accurately assess the odds of trends, probabilities of losses, reward potentials, optimal position size, & intuitive exits, for low risk high reward trading.


Live Trading Room

Develop and improve your skills alongside professional full time traders and expert instructors in our daily live trading rooms for both London and New York.


Trader Mindset

Build mental strength, emotional oversight, and faster decision making with the guidance and training of our World renowned high performance coaching.

The Complete Currency Trader Masters course is the definitive all in one package designed to enable you to become consistently profitable.

Comprising advanced forex education, proprietary market analysis tools, professional trading systems, and advanced high performance psychological & mindset training, this is an unrivalled program to help you become a successful trader.

The course places a heavy emphasis on practical skill development with extensive real-time market experience and practice; all under the close supervision of our expert traders in live classes.

You’ll discover how to advance your abilities and become one of the top 1% of elite traders who can make money consistently and reliably.

With limited courses run annually, and tight control of student numbers, you can be assured of exceptional support and guidance.

Get the edge you need, and join the small exclusive group of elite forex winners.

*NOTE - You can not enroll in the Masters course directly without first taking the Forex Inception Course as a prerequisite. Click the link below to attend the free Forex Inception Course webinar for more info. If you’ve already taken the Forex Inception Course, please CONTACT US if you want more info on reserving a place on our next Masters course intake.

"I was very lucky to hit upon the CCT course as my first training in forex. I can't imagine getting both a thorough education in the real structure and mechanics of the forex market as well as a fully detailed trading system along with the software needed to trade it anywhere else. James has been the perfect teacher."