The definitive program to Forex mastery - education, system, tools, & training.


Proven Pro Trading Path

The shortcut to success is emulating those already doing what you want to do. Get 6 step by step stages that includes every vital ingredient that has made James a profitable trader for over a decade.


True Insider Knowledge

Learn why over 98% of amateur traders lose (and how to be in the 2%) from private fund managers, bank traders and market makers teaching you the true inner workings of the Forex market.


Risk & Money Management Modules

Learn how to avoid the catastrophic drawdowns that crush amateur traders, how to get out quickly with small losses and how to ride the wave of big winners consistently.


Business Planning Module

This is literally a blueprint that allows you to follow market legends and professional traders and even learn how to set up and run a successful hedge fund, where the big money is.


Full Forex Trading System

Learn the EXACT system that James has used for over a decade to manage his private fund and how to be flexible so it’s tailored to your personality and risk tolerance, giving you an edge in trading.


Institutional Level Tools

A full suite of exclusive trade management tools that gauges market momentum and currency strength vs weakness in real time and has auto position sizing, auto trailing stop loss plus much more.

The Complete Currency Trader home study program is the definitive all in one package designed to enable you to become consistently profitable.

Comprising advanced forex education, proprietary market analysis software, and a professional speculative trading system, this is an unrivalled resource to help you become a successful trader.

The Complete Currency Trader course has gained global recognition for uncompromising excellence.

In a profession where profit over loss is the only measure that counts, the course delivers trading breakthroughs in record time, with less struggle, and more reward.

You’ll discover how to advance your abilities and become one of the top 1% of elite traders who can make money consistently and reliably.

Get the edge you need, and join the small exclusive group of elite forex winners.

Own the exclusive course and experience the exceptional.

*NOTE-You can not enroll in the home study course directly on the website and you must take the Forex Inception Course as a prerequisite. Click Learn More above to attend the free Forex Inception Course webinar for more info. If you’ve already taken the Forex Inception Course, please CONTACT US if you want more info on how to enroll in the Home Study Course.

"I was very lucky to hit upon the CCT course as my first training in forex. I can't imagine getting both a thorough education in the real structure and mechanics of the forex market as well as a fully detailed trading system along with the software needed to trade it anywhere else. James has been the perfect teacher."