• Forex Inception Course

    Learn the quick and simple way to make reliable profits in less than 1 hour a day using our currency strength software and system


Rated 5/5 by Our Students

The Forex Inception course is our most popular training package, crammed with exclusive video lessons, live webinars and dedicated support from our professional trading experts.

Over a period of 4 weeks you'll discover and master the winning formula that top hedge funds and institutional traders from London to New York use to beat the markets daily.

Designed to help motivated traders short cut their learning curve, the course delivers sensible, realistic training that's grounded in reality, and is easy to understand. We cut through the myths and provide proof for what works and what doesn't. You will quickly learn how to trade the markets profitably and consistently by looking at the same information and factors that institutional 'smart' money traders exploit.

We even include our cutting-edge market analysis software as part of the training; and if you're not profitable within 4 weeks, we'll pay you $10!

"I only wish I had been introduced to your site and your Introduction Course much earlier. I have understood more from this course and gained much more hope than in any other course and site in the last three years. It is the best purchase I have ever made! Bless you, thank you and keep up the wonderful work.” -Chris Van Der Merwe