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Order Flow Trading Education

Forex Inception Course

Order Flow Trading Education


Learn winning strategies to advance your forex trading performance in less than 1 hour a day using level II order flow analysis.


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Inception Course

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Unlock Winning Strategies

Learn the techniques used by professional traders daily, to consistently profit from forex. Discover why prices move and what causes trends. Recognise the tell-tale patterns that reveal what the 'smart money' traders are doing, and uncover an edge to help you earn bigger returns. Our experienced instructors deliver an exceptional course that offers sensible training in an easy to understand and simple to implement format.


Increase win rate, limit risk, minimise draw-down, for reliable returns that can supplement or replace your 'day job' income... even when trading on a part time basis.


Assess the market and predict where the price is most likely to move next, and enter positions confident that you have a high probability of a positive result.


Exploit optimal position sizing, account management, and performance to grow your personal wealth beyond 'income' and in to true financial independence.

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Forex Market Basics

We kick things off with a look at the basic fundamentals of forex, starting with how the market is structured; who the biggest players are, how and why they trade, and how that affects how we should trade; and we’ll look at some of the mechanics of how prices move and what that means for our profit-making potential. This is a solid foundation to help set you up with the best chance of making a profit consistently and reliably.

Individual Currency Analysis

This is the cornerstone of all successful forex trading. In this lesson you will learn how individual currencies are valued, and the relative nature of their strengths versus other currencies. Discover why price charts only display a tiny fraction of the price information you need; why and when a currency can be strong, weak, or neutral; how bank dealing desks drive prices; and how to identify the strongest to match against the weakest for the biggest potential profits.

Market Liquidity

Discover how levels of liquidity either side of price, help determine how far, how fast, and in which direction the price will move next. Liquidity is supplied by 'Market Makers', and in this lesson you will learn how they operate, how they influence and manipulate price, and crucially, how to take advantage of the patterns they reveal for your own benefit.

Micro-mechanics of Price Movement

Market micro-mechanics refers to the interaction between customer demand and market maker supply. In this lesson you will learn how and why price is statistically more likely to move in one direction rather than the other, and how it can be predicted with 81% accuracy. Predictable pattern recognition is the key.

Volume Analysis & BID/OFFER Delta

We now delve in to volume and order flow imbalances. Our instructors will show you how to analyse customer side demand and market maker supply either side of the BID 7amp; OFFER, to identify the tell-tale patterns that lead to high probability trends.

Pattern Recognition & Tips

In the final lesson you will be shown how to put everything you've learned so far, in to practice. This is a top level overview of how to interpret and trade the market for maximum results using our full suite of advanced market analysis software and indicators... fully explained with real examples and essential tips.

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Forex Inception Course

Order Flow Trading Education

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