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Our software is connected to multiple trading exchanges around the globe, and updates in real time as new order-flows change.


Every aspect of the interface can be adjusted to your needs, from each individual currency to multiple different time frames.

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Inter-Bank Oder Activity

Our advanced market analysis software offers a real advantage to professional forex traders, pulling the curtain back to reveal a greater depth of inter-bank market activity, money flows, and tier 1 market participant behaviour. Second by second tick data is analyzed for individual currency strengths, order volumes, liquidity, momentum, & institutional sentiment, giving you accurate insights to where the smart money is.


Easily see when the best conditions stack up on top of each other to present ideal opportunities for predictable moves driven by extreme imbalances in supply & demand.


Know when to get in and when to stay out with precision, by following Market Maker activity levels as they increase and decrease in response to trading urgency.


Spot the hidden patterns of true money flows left behind by the Market Makers footprints, to stay away from the false moves that trap ill informed losing amateurs.

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Individual Currency Analysis

The entire market is split down in to individual currencies, with the primary aim of finding the relative strengths and weaknesses of each. Each currency can be assessed by its strength, change in value, pip ranges, order activity volume, and liqudity levels.

Multi Time Frame Analysis

Analyse 3 different time frames simultaneously, from seconds and minutes, up to days, weeks and months; fully customizable even down to non-standard bespoke values of your choosing.

Bank Session Tracking

Monitor individual currency performances during specific financial session hours. For example, select to see how each currency value and order activity changes from the moment London banks open for business. Can be applied to London, New York, Tokyo, or any hour of the day you prefer.

Session Liquidity

Monitor levels of market maker liquidity provision throughout the day to assess whether conditions are above or below average for the time of day you are trading.

Market Maker Order Imbalances

Track market makers as they submit new orders and either improve their BID or OFFER prices, and get a clear indication of any imbalances on either side of the market depth ladder.

Curency Moving Averages

Apply a simple moving average to each individual currency on any time frame you choose to help assess trends.

Standard Deviations

Apply a multiple of a standard deviation from the mean to each currency on any time frame to help analyse when a currency is outside of its usual range of activity, to help signal potential reversals and turning points.

Currency Correlations

Idntify positive and negative correlations to help you locate currencies and pairs that are likely to move the most, and avoid ones that cancel each other out.

Order Activity Concentrations

Easily locate where the greatest concentration of order activity is for individual currencies, and also specific pairs across the wider market place.

Noise Filtering

Add or remove currencies of your choice to filter out the ones you are least interested in, and focus on the ones you want to concentrate more attention to.


The software is a Windows desk top application that does not connect to or rely on any broker feed. Use it independently with any trading platform of your choice.

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