• Professional Trading Software

    Advanced Forex Market Analysis Software Tracks Inter-Bank Activity & Money Flows


Individual Currency Strengths

Assess individual currency strength and weakness across 3 different times, customizable to anything from several seconds up to days, weeks, and months.


Inter-Bank Market Sentiment

Identify tier 1 market sentiment during specific financial sessions so you can stay on the same side as the major players dominating London, New York, and Tokyo.


Market Maker Liquidity Provision

Monitor the currencies that are attracting the greatest level of market maker activity and aggressive competitive orders inside the spread.


Tick Volumes per Currency

Follow the changing flows in 'bid' and 'offer' tick volumes to identify the highest levels of market order interest being submitted to the market.


Primary Financial Center Liquidity

Compare the total market wide liquidity for the open session, against the normal average. Isolate activity levels for London, New York, or Tokyo separately.


Sophisticated Analytics of "Smart Money"

Use the intuitive multi element dashboard interface to track a greater depth of inter-bank market activity, money flows, and tier 1 market participant behavior.

Our advanced market analysis software offers a real advantage to professional forex traders, pulling the curtain back to reveal a greater depth of inter-bank market activity, money flows, and tier 1 market participant behaviour.

Second by second tick data is analyzed for individual currency strengths, order volumes, liquidity, momentum, & institutional sentiment, giving you accurate insights to where the smart money is.

Start using the software today for better informed, higher probability decision making, and increased trading performance.

"When I opened up that software, I can’t tell you how I felt. It was instant realization that from now on trading was going to be easy for me.” -Ethan