Learn to trade the $5.1 Trillion per day Forex market, using institutional analysis tools,
    level II order flow data, and world class education courses


Institutional Data Tools

Advanced analysis software using level II order flow data direct from exchange floors, provide unique insights in to the market mechanics, enabling speculators to align themselves with the trends.

Results Driven Education

World class training courses teach and develop the skills required to be able to execute low risk, profitable trades on a consistent basis, using high probability positive expectancy systems.

Currency Trading Experts

Support from a team of professional instructors with expertise in trading, high performance, and risk taking psychology. All of our trainers are full time traders with decades of live market experience.

Market Analysis Software

Identify the Highest Probability Trading Conditions with this Comprehensive Suite of Advanced Currency Analysis Tools

Measure individual currency strengths, momentum, customer order volumes, market maker liquidity provision, supply & demand imbalances, order concentrations and currency correlations. Always staying one profitable step ahead of the competition.

  • "When I opened up that software, I can’t tell you how I felt. It was instant realization that from now on trading was going to be easy for me.”